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Our core goals are: gender equality, women empowerment, local economy, sustainable consumption, upcycling, and reduction of single use plastic bags

Gender inequality in Costa Rica leads to unbalanced work dynamics and limited opportunities for women in rural areas of Costa Rica. We at UpTica want to close the gap of gender inequality by empowering communities and guiding them to create independent and sustainable economies.

Pollution is a threat, the world knows it. We at UpTica want to do something about it. By encouraging communities to reduce plastic consumption and practice upcycling we are making a positive impact through sustainable consumption.


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Creating CHANGE

Eco-bags are changing lives and shaping communities. Together with a group of hard-working women from Costa Rica, UpTica is creating unique bags, purses and other products that you can own. Take a look at the Eco-bags and get yours online soon.

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