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Ladies’ Story

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Ladies’ Story

Meet the ladies behind UpTica.


Jeanette joined UpTica alongside Ana in January 2016, when Rita introduced them to Nicol and the project. She was eager to join because she liked the idea of sewing in her free time and learning new skills. Janeth is hopeful that UpTica can become a source of income in the future, but right now, she is grateful for the time she has spent working on UpTica, and the sewing workshops UpTica was able to fund for 8 weeks during July and August of 2017.


Ana is Jeannette’s younger sister. In contrast to Janeth, Ana is more shy and introverted. However, they are both hard working and disciplined. Even though she didn’t have as much experience sewing, Rita and Emilio provided her with a smaller machine to start working with. Once Rita taught her basic techniques, Ana kept practicing and improving more and more.


Angela likes working with UpTica because she has worked with seams since she was 15 but never did bags before, so this has been a great experience for her. She also enjoys working with very special companions from her same community, of whom she feels she has learned a lot. Angela finds the opportunity to make bags of different sizes and styles very beautiful. According to her, “the experience with UpTica has been very special. I love being part of that project.”



Mila works with enthusiasm and a dedication to learn.

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